All the tools you need

Improve your students knowledge, skills & understanding with faster and through feedback in the classroom and beyond.

Magic feedback

Award grades and feedback to multiple students at once in seconds just by selecting grade descriptors.

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Quick text

Personalise your feedback further with quick text. No need to write the name and grade for every student.


Get detailed analysis of how your class as a whole is performing - down to the specific parts of the criteria.

Class view

Instantly see your students attainment and progress for individual assessments and across assessments.

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To save you even more time, we’ve created the criteria’s for awarding bodies so you can don’t have to (you can of course create your own criteria’s using any grading type you like).

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Move student

Easily move students grades and feedback to a another member of your department.

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Get a nice and simple overview of how your classes or your department's classes are doing and which students are engaging with the feedback.

When a student logs In

Students can see all their subjects, how they are doing across all subjects (or individual subjects) over a given time range, view feedback and respond to feedback. 

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