Our Mission

To enhance students learning in Physical Education with faster and more thorough personalised feedback.

Why EduAssess?

We all know that providing personalised feedback to students is key for them to make excellent progress. This is no different for students who are studying Physical Education. Of course, assessment in Physical Education is very different from assessments in Maths, Science, English etc.


In Physical Education you’re normally standing and using a criteria/rubric. This can make holding a clipboard, writing feedback and assigning parts of the criteria/rubric to a class of 20+ students challenging to say the least. Particularly when it’s windy 🙈.


Of course, once the assessment is over you’ll inevitably have to go back to the office and spend another 25-60 minutes transferring the grades and writing up the feedback. We do this process 6-12 times a year for 7-12 classes ⌛.


Furthermore, your students won’t be able to see their grades and feedback, at the very earliest, by the end of the day. It’s more likely they won’t be able to view them until the next time you teach them. Waiting until the next lesson means that students can’t start working on the feedback in their own time or in after school clubs 😭.


All this and we haven’t even mentioned putting this data into a meaningful format so that it can be used to analyse and enhance students learning 🤔.


Let’s change the story 🤗. You’re outside assessing your class in Basketball. You pull out your phone or tablet (no need to worry about that wind 😉). Many students are finding the jump shot difficult. You award grades and personalised feedback just by tapping a few buttons. You’re happy with the grades and feedback so you press publish. At the end of the lesson, you give a summary of the main strengths and areas for development to the class via EduAssess’s assessment dashboard. 


At the end of the day, students log into EduAssess. They see their individual grades and feedback. They attend that Basketball club that’s on tomorrow so they can improve in time for the next lesson. Next lesson arrives, they show you their jump shot - nothing but swoosh! 🏀💃🏽.

Meet The Team

Dean Heasman


Misha Murtha

Lead Developer

Stephanie Davies

Head of Marketing

Our Education Advisory Board

EduAssess's Education Advisory Board brings together expertise from a variety of practical based subjects. The board provides strategic advice to the management team and helps shape the future direction of the company and it's products.

Dave Carney

Primary School

Head of Physical Education

Tom Parker

Secondary School & College

Head of Year &

Physical Education Teacher

Lisa Marcus


Physical Education Teacher