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Physical Education 

assessment made simple

EduAssess is an online platform for teachers who teach Physical Education to enhance students learning with faster and more thorough personalised feedback.

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Feedback anywhere

Whether you’re in the sports hall or on the sports field, feedback can be provided to a whole class in minutes using your phone, tablet or desktop.


Analyse anywhere

Because EduAssess has been specifically designed for phone, tablet and desktop you can analyse students performance easily.

Share anywhere

Students can log in and view their grades and feedback online, via printouts or stickers.


What teachers are saying

EduAssess Testimonial Tom Parker.png

Tom Parker

HOY & Physcial Education Teacher 

St Michael's Catholic College

This is a brilliant piece of software that I have been trailing for about 6 months. It has really cut down the time I spend assessing. It has allowed me to feedback to the students accurately and quickly, allowing me more time to spend planning better lessons.

EduAssess Testimonial Teacher Female.jpg

Alice Wright

Head of Physical Education 

Warren Highschool

There's lots of ways you can create and use rubrics to assess your students but they are often quite clunky. However, EduAssess is simple to use and just makes the whole experience of assessing and providing feedback to students a pleasure. 

EduAssess Testimonial Female Nwobi.jpg

Lisa Marcus

Physical Education Teacher

The Bishop Highschool

Not only have I saved more time providing personalised feedback to students, but it's also improved their progress. This is because they get their feedback straight away and the analytics of their performance has allowed me to plan & teach more effectively.

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